Monday, December 20, 2010

Searching for the inner geek

There have not been many times in my life when I truly wish I was a geek. When I wish I had spent more time learning how these darn things work, rather than wasting time on the three R's (in my case, reading, writing and reading again).

Unfortunately, today was one of those rare days. I got infected. A damn spyware trojan landed on my computer courtesy of clicking a Google link to an online toy store (look out for Don't say you haven't been warned).

The spyware, Security Shield, was a bitch. All day long it has been popping up on my screen with warning about my computer not being protected yada yada. The problem is, it pops up about every 10 seconds, which makes productivity a tad impossible. I'm sure it was potentally harmful as well, but, if you don't mind me swearing, it was mainly just fucking annoying.

After a day of yelling at the computer, I am hoping Google solved my problem. I started in safe mode and downloaded something called Safe Returner, which seems to have worked so far. So if you see this....

you've been infected. Don't waste a day yelling at the screen.

See, if I had more geek genes my day wold have gone far more smoothly. And I might even have got some work done.

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