Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Craptastic week

Ever had one of those weeks where you can't possibly imagine things will get worse?

Then, they do?

Well, that gives you a bit of an idea of where I'm coming from this grey Thursday.

As if the winter gloom wasn't enough, the universe has decided to throw a few curve balls my way and see if I can handle it.

The week started off great, with a girls' night at the movies. Bridesmaids - see it. I laughed so hard I nearly peed. (Champagne+Maltezers+good friends+chick flick = Made of Win!).

Then, the little annoyances started piling up - traffic, lost shoes, a kid with a cold. Hyperbole-and-a-half's Sneaky Hate Spiral explains this much better than I ever could.

So,  I arrive at work on Tuesday to pretty much learn that the Executive has completely devalued the work our project team has done over the past six months or so., Apparently, when you are trying to market/promote entirely new legislation to a state, you can just grab marketing collaterol from other states and rebadge it.

Tuesday night was spent caring for a kid who couldn't sleep due to coughing/stuffed nose etc and Wednesday morning required an early call to my mum to care for said kid for the day (thanks mum - and thanks mum's friend who also had her plans changed!)

On Wednesday, I sat on a interview panel where one of the applicants was the person who has been doing said job for nearly 18 months (New slogan for the public sector "We're accountable, not efficient").

Then, a meeting with the boss in which I receive confirmation on what I already suspected - strategic communications to deliver new legislation is a skill that the agency doesn't think it needs, and I have two months to go back to my substantive, frustrating, annoying, stress-inducing management role (with all the responsibility and no authority - again welcome to the public sector) or leave. The first is not an option.

Then, just to make my week even more craptastic (literally), this morning, the cat poos on the couch and Gromit sits on it.

Really Pepper? You had to pick this week?


  1. I'm appalled on your behalf but my unsympathetic kids thought the last part was funny.

    (Disclaimer: I didn't read them the whole thing but got to the end and made a loud noise of sympathy so they wanted to know what happened. I gave them the abridged - apparently funny version). We're far enough away for you not to throw something at them.

  2. I guess it is funny, if you're not living it!

  3. Yikes, Nicole. I am really, really sorry. That is a terrible week. The cat poo was just the icing on the cake, huh? Here's hoping the weekend is kind to you.

    I once went in to get my hair done and I had this kind of bitchy stylist who I loved. She was putting foils on my hair and she suddenly snapped, "What's WRONG with you today?" And I said, "I got dumped and lost my job." To which she said, "Oh. Those are good reasons."

  4. Thos are very good reasons! I'm trying to look at the job shit as an opportunity - the push I needed to finally get off my arse and make the frelancing work. Here's hoping!

    Maybe I can contract back to them at an exhorbitant price for the same work when they realise they can't deliver new legislation with no-one to deal with the comms side (as opposed to the policy side)