Friday, June 3, 2011

Sugar and spice and ...oh look, something shiny

I am so not ready to be the parent of a girl child.

Yes, yes, I realise that I should have thought of this several years ago, and it's a bit late now, but it still scares me.

Taking aside all that pinkness and hair product, and forgetting about the mean bitch and teen witch thing for the time being,  it's the vagueness and dreaminess and on-another-planetness that will drive me insane.

OK, so I'm generalising a bit here, but after spending a day volunteering at an all-school excursion (what was I thinking?) I can confidently say that girls are more likely to to ... oh look there's a shiny thing.

What I meant to say is that the girls I saw tended to be more easily distracted by things other than what they was supposed ... hey there's that shiny thing again.

So, girls seem to concentrate less on the project at hand and more on the birds, flowers, people, buildings and shiny things off the beaten track.

I had six kids in my group - three boys and three girls. You've heard the phrase herding cats? Herding seven-year olds is like that times infinity. And with the knowledge that if you lose one of them, there will likely be a parent out there who's a bit pissed off.

And the girls were the worst. The boys tended to stay on the path and follow the crowd, while the girls? Well, they danced to the sound of their own drums, so to speak. And the drummers were way off in the other direction from where we were heading.

And the complaining? My Lord, you would think I was chaperoning an outing of the old folks home with the "my bag's too heavy", "My shoulder hurts", "There's a rock in my shoe", "My hat is scratchy". And yes, all from the girls.

My girl is currently lying on the couch next to me, having her night-time bottle. I adore her stubborness and her bossiness. She's cuddly, and imaginative, and challenging, and frustrating, and hilarious, and seems to have just two moods -  happy and furious.

As much as I'm not ready for it, I'm nuts about my girl child and I guess I won't trade her in. Yet.

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