Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seasonal disorders - or is it Easter already?

So, the Christmas decorations are still on half-price sale and the shops are stocking Hot Cross Buns. Yep, you read right. Could 2pm January 3 be the earliest ever sighting of Easter marketing?

People make jokes about how early is too early to start seeing seasonal collateral. Well, let me be the first to say that nearly four months is Too. Early. (Or is it stale leftovers from last year?)

There are some immutable rules of nature. Birth, death, taxes and that Hot Cross Buns are not to be consumed till Good Friday (of course, then you can eat several a day till you explode).

I'm not a big one for tradition, but I do reserve season treats for the correct time of year. Hot Cross Buns - Easter; Fruit Mince Pies - Christmas. And if I was American, I'm sure I would only eat Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving.

The same goes for decorations. I do not want to see tinsel in October (or Halloween Ghouls in June).

My Christmas tree gets garnished no more then two weeks out from December 25. I don't care that I now live in South Australia and the "tradition" is to deck the halls on the day of the Pageant. Honestly? That seems to be held earlier and earlier each year. In the not too distant future we will be heading to town mid-winter and Nipper and Nimble will need to be renamed Nippy and Tremble.

 It's time we Australians stood up to the big retailers and said "enough".  How can something be a treat if we can get it all year round? You hear that Woollies? I will not be buying Hot Cross Buns in January. I don't care how tasty they look.


  1. You tell 'em, Nicole!! I'm with you - it's exhausting being marketed at all the time. We haven't even managed to squeeze in Valentine's Day yet!

  2. I rather like HCBs, but it's the only obscenely early seasonal stuff I won't bitch at. They're too yummy.