Friday, January 14, 2011

There IS something you can do

About 14 years ago, a good friend's husband died. Their baby was 8 months old at the time.

All her friends and family rallied around, and while most offered emotional support and seemed to know exactly what to say, I made the tea.

When another good friend's infant son was recently diagnosed with cancer, I made quiche - and sent her a big fat gift card to help with her groceries.

You see, I'm not too good with the tough emotional stuff. I like to be able to offer practical help.

Which brings me to the current events unfolding in Queensland, and how impractical it would be to make tea and quiches and ship them to the thousands of families affected.

Nicole McIver asked herself that very same question and, unlike those of us who sit and ponder, she's got off her bum and is doing something.

Nicole is a working mum who runs the online business Wholesale Baby and has put her money where her mouth is by launching an online auction to raise money for the victims of the floods. Thanks to other like-minded business owners, there are heaps of great items to bid on. Not just stuff for babies and kids, but financial services, business coaching, logo design and more.

She is looking for anyone who can help in the following ways:

1/ Go to the Facebook page and bid on the item/s you like.

2/ Donate goods for the auction.

3/ Help with pick up and delivery of items.

4/ Spread the word (talk about it on your blog, share on Facebook, try and generate media interest).

So most of us can't head to Brisbane and help with the recovery, but we can sit on our computers and bid for some great deals. A win-win, I reckon.

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