Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pride comes before an armpit fart

There are some moments that make you truly proud to be a parent. All those firsts. First smile, first step, first word, first armpit fart. Yes, that's right, Gromit spent the weekend mastering the art of the armpit fart.

He has several versions, all putting the left hand under the armpit and doing different actions with the right arm - the gun, the duck, the dog and so on.

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but he's actually quite a smart kid. His academic skills are at least a couple of years older than his age. That, however, comes with its own problems. He has such a  high expectation of himself and is prone to meltdowns if things don't go just his way, or if it turns out he's not actually perfect.

Maybe it comes from being used to being the smartest, maybe it's that people expect more from him because he is smart (and big for his age). But you know, he's only six, even though I have to remind myself of this at times. The fact that he finds hilarity in armpit farts helps.

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