Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ego is not a dirty word

So, here I am. In the Inter Nets. Yet another frustrated writer using technology to stroke my ego and, in the process, hopefully make a few people smile knowingly.

I find it somewhat ironic that not that many years ago, I wrote my innermost thoughts in a private diary and would have been mortified should anyone actually read how much I loved Consul (the honest-to-goodness name of the first boy I had a crush on) and hated Tracy (who is probably still a bitch). Now, I am out there, on the World Wide Web, hoping for more than one follower (and that's only if I can bribe my husband to read my blog).

I guess I should start with a little bit about me, so here goes - 10 not-so-secret facts in no particular order:

1/ If you can't tell already from the preceding paragraphs, I'm quite fond of the parenthetical bracket. I know they annoy some pedants, but I don't care. If you don't like them, move on.

2/ I hate whingers. It's one thing for my six-year old son to bellyache about irrelevant details. It's a whole other thing for 50-year old colleagues to do the same.

3/ My favourite past-time in boring meetings is to make up more and more fanciful ways of seeking revenge on those in the upper echelons who have no concept of the time, money or resources it takes to operationalise their hare-brained ideas.

4/ If you ever read in the newspaper about frustrated middle-manager sewing a senior bureacrat into a child's pull-out couch and forcing him to watch Thomas the Tank Engine over and over till his eyes bleed, I swear, it wasn't me.

5/ When I was pregnant at 36 with my first child, the medical fraternity labelled me elderly prima gravida, which is Latin for "are you out of your mind having a baby at your age?"

6/ I am out of my mind as I went and did it again 4 1/2 years later.

7/ Sometimes, when it's my turn to "sleep in" (ie: past the 5am starts my daughter favours), I actually sneak out, make myself a coffee and go back to bed with the paper.

8/ I love to read and write, but have little time left for either of these - unless you count Ministerial briefings, minutes and business plans. Which I don't.

9/ This little blog is my solution to the above. I am hoping it gives me a creative outlet to prevent me from going completely insane (see fact number 4).

10/ I don't particularly like making lists and always struggle to find eactly the right point on which to end.

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  1. Sorry..you loved Consul??? I am so laughing here..thanks for that Nicole...good to see you writing...I'll now divulge my blog...musings and at the moment boring..but hey well have to reveal a 'little' of ourselves sometime...look forward to your posts especially 'Consul' revelations, heh heh Liz x